General Rates:


Standard Membership* - $35/month

- 1 Year commitment, require a card on file.

- There is a 1-time charge of $15.

- This covers getting you put into our system, getting a key fob, and getting you 24 hour access to the gym!

Summer - $45/month

- Minimum 3 Month commitment paid up front


1 Month - $50/month (No Commitment)

1 Day - $10 (Based on availability)

1 Semester - $150 (Paid in Full + $10 Deposit**)

1 Year - $400 (Paid in Full)

All prices include Tax










*This is a contractual agreement and can only be broken for medical reasons, moving out of the area, or military leave.

**Deposit will be returned when we receive the Keyfob back

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*For Members who sign up for 1 year